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Sunscreens are great protection from not only the harsh rays of the sun in hot summer weather, but also from bugs. It keeps out flies, mosquitoes, and other pests so you can enjoy your time out on the water.

These also cool down the interior of your boat and can be easily rolled up and taken off at any time. Often made with PVC coating, they will not shrink or stretch and last a long time. These sunscreens are transparent and easy to wash.

During the day, these also function as a privacy feature as outsiders canít see much on the inside of your boat. Also referred to as boat blinds, sun shades, or solar screens, these sunscreens also make navigating in bright conditions safer by increasing visibility. We have the correct size for any type of boat and All Marine Upholstery constructs these screens from top of the line material.

For more information about the right sunscreen for you, the installation process, and care tips, contact AllMarine Upholstery and speak to our professional staff.

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