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Boat enclosures offer great protection against the elements and insects. We use high quality marine canvas in fabricating our custom boat enclosures. Below are a few enclosures we carry:

Aft Curtain: An Aft Curtain enclosure attaches to the back of a top and secures to the aft of the boat. These can contain windows.

Bimini Top: A bimini top is a framed, collapsible top to block on the sun. It usually covers the windshield or center console area. Some are made with storage for wakeboards and inflatable tubes.

Convertible Top: This top snaps to the top of the windshield and has a supporting frame. It will cover the entire open windshield area. These are great for protection in foul weather.

Drop Curtain: A drop curtain attaches to the back of a top and drops directly to the floor. These can also have windows.

Side Curtain: These type of enclosure attaches to the sides of a top and snaps to the windshield and deck, normally with a clear window throughout.

Bow Cover: These enclosures snap to the open bow are of the boat to cover the front area of the boat where the steering equipment is.

Visor: A visor is a clear curtain extending off the front of a bimini top or arch and attaches to the top of the windshield.

There are many different types of enclosures that can work for your boat, so if you donít see the one youíre thinking of here, ask us and All Marine Upholstery will find what youíre looking for.

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