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Ride in luxury with our boat carpet, made specifically for the tough marine environment, resisting fade and degradation. Choose from basic styles to plush, high performance marine carpet available in a multitude of colors. We can find the right boat carpet for your budget and needs, just let us know what you're looking for! If your boat’s carpet wears out, we can offer replacements that are cut to custom size.

20 oz. Boat Carpet: This type of carpet is rubber backed and fade and ravel resistant. It is also non-flammable, ply-able and easy to install and clean. If you prefer a “do-it-yourself” method, this type of boat carpeting is a good choice, however, we will happily install it for you.

Bunk Carpet: This carpet type is great for replacing the carpet on your bunks and is designed to be glued down. These carpets are 16 oz in weight and are fade proof, made with synthetic yarn.

Snap-In Carpet: This is one of the easiest types of carpeting to put in. There are several colors and weaves you can choose from. These come with rubber backing and have cutouts to go around different parts of the boat such as the seats and steering column.

Pads: We also have pads of carpet that are cut for different areas of the boat such as the cockpit and walk-through area and you can lay down several separate pieces as you would a throw rug. These are fast to put in and easy to remove and clean.

Our boat carpeting comes in 16 to 28 oz materials and can be smooth, fine woven, or have a course pattern with rivets for traction and durability. We also have carpet glue to use for installing and securing your carpet. This glue is non-toxic and is easy to remove from skin or unwanted surfaces.

For more information about the right boat carpet for you, the installation process, and care tips, contact AllMarine Upholstery and speak to our professional staff.

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