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There are different types of boat covers to choose from and you will want to use the type designed for your boat’s size and style. Whether you have a pontoon boat, bay liner, bass boat, or something larger, All Marine Upholstery has the cover you need. All quality boat covers are constructed with 4-ply folded join seams, are weather resistant, and have anti-wick thread throughout as well as tie-down loops and braided tie-down rope. We user vinyl and 2-ply weatherproof fabric.

Mooring Covers are good to use while the boat is in the water or on the trailer hitch. They are made for handling heavy rain storms. These are best used for storage rather than towing.

Pontoon Covers are similar to mooring covers, but they do not cover the front deck.

Long Term Storage Covers are designed for long-term storage whilst you are off island or when your boat is in dry storage.

Towing Covers are low and tight to the top of the boat.

Cockpit Cover is a small cover that can be used for a short period of time while the boat is docked or when towing. It does not offer ultra-violet light protection, so it is not the best choice for storage.

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