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There are several types of boats seats to choose from and the best type will depend on the size of your boat and what seating position is comfortable for you and what activities you do on your boat.

Fold-Down Boat Seats: These are fairly common and can be plastic with or without padding. These are great for anglers or those hunting in their boat and add back support without taking up a lot of space in smaller boats. These can be made with camouflage patterns and are cost efficient.

Pro Seats: These seats are more of a cushion to lead on and donít have a backrest. They assist well with stability and balancing when going through choppy, wavy water. These are often adjustable to the perfect height and can swivel to give you a wide range of motion.

Boat Chairs: Boat chairs are typically used in larger boats and most feature arm rests. There are permanent and folding models and can also be adjusted and swivel. The folding models come in one or two person sizes and are constructed of sturdy foam, vinyl, and aluminum tubing. These seats are resistant to corrosion.

Lounge Seats: These seats allow you to recline and are great for relaxing and soaking up sun. You can set them in the upright position when heading back to short and they are built on a frame that provides storage space underneath and also save space by connecting two back to back.

Bench Seats: Bench seats are for replacement seating in bass boats. These are long and stretch across the width of the boat and will have you sitting in a straight up position. These also have storage underneath.

Leaning Posts: Leaning posts are like the pro seats, but come in a bench size and let you take the weight off your feet. They often have rod holders and storage space.

Not sure which seat will work best for your boat? Talk to the pros at AllMarine Upholstery and they will help you pick one out.

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